ALL ABOUT TAXES: Washington and Idaho:


Real property taxes in Washington State are due and payable 2 times yearly—on or before April 20th and on or before October 30th. . The taxes are assessed by February 15th of the year they are due, and are for that current year. If taxes are not paid current, there is interest and a penalty due, and after 3 year of delinquency, the taxes become a lien.

Different areas have different millages ( tax rates) and are assessed every 3 or 4 years —but can be assessed more often. In the state of Washington, there is an agricultural tax exemption, (a much lower rate of taxation on farm or agricultural land) offered to selected properties meeting the criteria of "open space." Taxes levied on these properties are very gentle, and can vary from $3 to $10 per acre. One must originally apply to receive open space, and if the property is removed from that exemption, interest and penalty will accrue. The seller is usually charged, but if the land is removed from open space, the charges should be addressed in writing prior to closing. The charges of penalties and interest can be a major expense.


Real property taxes in the state of Idaho are due and payable 2 times yearly—June 20th and December 20th. The taxes paid at that time are not for the current year, but are in arrears 6 months. In Idaho, different areas also have different millages, and there is a lower tax offered for acreages and land meeting the criteria of "open space". In this state, it is called an "agricultural exemption".

At this time in Idaho, there is no penalty if one removes the land from the "open space" (or agricultural exemption)

In Idaho, as in Washington, interest and penalty are assessed if the real property taxes are not paid in a timely manner.


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